Since 1988 MERA has been publishing a series of occasional papers and in 1997 has launched the biannual MERA Journal


Ideology, Culture & Gender in Khatami's Iran

This second issue of MERA-journal will be released in august 1998. It will deal with social and cultural developments in Iran since Khatami's election.

Introduction by Michiel Beker

With contributions of:

Mahmoud Alinejad : Iran: The Post-Revolution Battle of Ideas

Mahmoud Alinejad was born and raised in Iran. He received his M.A. in Humanities and Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney and became a candidate for a PhD in political science at Macquarie University.
His research interest is focused on the adaptation of modern hermeneutical philosophy for understanding the development of the revolutionary power of Islam in Iran.
At present, he is conducting a research on the new developments in political discourse in post-revolutionary Iran.

Afshin Matin-Asgari: Cultural Politics: Iran 1997-1998

Afshin Matin-asgari received his Ph.D. in modern Middle East history from UCLA (1993), and is specializing in modern Iran. Currently he is teaching Islamic history at UCLA's history department. His most recent work; Radicals at Home and Abroad: Iranian Student Opposition to the Shah (1960s-70s) is due to be published in late 1998.

Elham Gheytanchi: Post-Revolutionary Iran: Islam, Gender and Politics

Elham Gheytanchi is a graduate student in Sociology Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has also produced various radio programs for Pacifica radio on the current situation of Iranian women. At the moment she is working on her MA thesis about gender and civil society in Iran.

* book review by Halleh Ghorashi:

Esfandiari, Haleh: Reconstructed Lives: Women & Iran's Islamic Revolution. Washington, D.C. & Baltimore: The Woodrow Wilson Center Press & The John Hopkins University Press.

* translation by Halleh Ghorashi of an article from the Iranian women's magazine Zanan:

Women achieved their place in 'Azadi'

About the happenings in Azadi (Freedom) Stadium in Teheran, when about then thousand women broke through the police cordon and entered the stadium to welcome the Iranian national footbalteam after it's qualification for the world cup in France 1998.

Halleh Ghorashi is a member of Middle East Research Associates (MERA) and a junior researcher at the Centre for Women's Studies and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Nijmegen. At the moment she is working on her PhD, carrying out research into processes of identity formation among Iranian women political activists in the Netherlands and in the USA. She was born in Teheran (Iran) in 1962 and came to the Netherlands in 1988. In 1994, she completed her MA in anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She is now working towards her second MA in social philosophy at the same university.

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