(Middle East Research Associates)


MERA is an independent information and research center which covers the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

MERA's aim is to provide information to the general public, the press, academic and non-academic institutions, and the business community. In addition, MERA carries out research projects, organizes lectures and seminars, and its staff members publish regularly in various newspapers, weeklies and scholarly journals. MERA also edits a series of Occasional Papers which will be continued as MERA Journal starting January 1997.

MERA's staff consists of political scientists, anthropologists, historians, arabists and turkologists. They all have experience in academic, journalistic and educational fields.

Midden-Oosten Handboek (in Dutch only)

MERA Journal # 1 Islamism's 'there' and 'here'

MERA Journal # 2 Ideology, Culture & Gender in Khatami's Iran

Occasional Papers


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